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Video Update – Prisoner
Video Update - Prisoner

It’s time you were taught a real lesson slave.  I gave you strict instructions to keep your hands off your cock and yet again you have disobeyed.  Granted, it’s a tall order when you’re watching Me…but now I’m going to make it a whole lot harder for you.  To make SURE you can’t touch that [...]

Video Update – Boob Addicts
Video Update - Boob Addicts

Seeing as my last clip for boob addicts went down so well I thought it was time to unleash another!  Watch as I tease you in this see through top with my pert round boobs as I talk to you about exactly the effect they have upon you.  And then ramp it up by adding [...]

Video Update – You Can Touch It
Video Update - You Can Touch It

You just can’t keep your hands off your cock when you’re watching my videos!  No matter how hard you try you just cannot stop yourself.  But I’m in a generous mood so this time I think I’ll let you touch it.  I may even let you cum!….maybe… Click here to join now.  Or existing members [...]

Vide Update – Goddess Fetish
Vide Update - Goddess Fetish

You only joined My new website out of curiosity and now you find yourself having thoughts you never thought you’d have.  You’ve grown weak and submissive and all without realising!  I am molding you into a little submissive bitch and you cannot get enough of your new Goddess Fetish!! Click here to join now.  Or [...]

Video Update – Girl Next Door
Video Update - Girl Next Door

I’m always told that I have the classic girl next door look.  For years you have followed my website and fantasied about me having a dark greedy streak!  You cannot believe after all these years that your dreams have come true.  Now you’re finding that it’s sparked a curiosity in you and you find yourself [...]